WhatsApp Aero v9.65 Apk Download Latest Version May 2023


The developer, Bozkurt Hazarr, developed the newest modified version of the application, WhatsApp Aero APK, with the help of Fauad Mod. WA Aero offers numerous features similar to those of other WhatsApp mods. However, users widely utilize it worldwide due to its user-friendly interface, making it more convenient.

WhatsApp Aero features

  • WhatsApp pay
  • Attractive interface
  • Built-in store for themes
  • Lots of themes and stickers packs
  • Anti-ban
  • Home screen customization
  • Other customization options
  • Best privacy within a built locker
  • Other Cool features

Whatsapp Aero Apk

When discussing WhatsApp mods, we typically include mods like GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp. These mods are, in reality, outdated and lack many features that new mods address. Additionally, the latest version fixes bugs identified in the older versions.

The developers designed this updated mod considering the need for more features in the older versions and the users’ demands. The main objective of this mod version is to meet the user’s demands, ensuring stability and privacy. This article guides the user to realize its worthiness for downloading.

Is it worth downloading?

Recently released WhatsApp mods by Bozkurt Hazarr have a decent and eye-catching interface and were developed with an idea in mind: to make it unique from the rest in not only its interface but also its security, privacy, stability, and reliability, which makes it worth installing.

How do I download the WhatsApp Aero APK?

Downloading it is very simple: tap on the download button. After downloading, you need to follow the installation guide, which is very easy with this WhatsApp Aero mod Apk.

whatsapp aero v9.65 apk download

WhatsApp Aero Information

App Name

WhatsApp Aero




78.7 MB

Android Requirements

4.0 & UP


1 Day Ago

   Download Now

Features of WhatsApp Aero APK

WhatsApp Aero has plenty of valuable features without bugs or errors, unlike other WhatsApp mods in which many bugs pop out at any moment.

Why take that risk when you can access this excellent WhatsApp Aero APK?

The newest features’ performance is appreciable in this mod, as all the installed features will perform swiftly. So if you want to dive into it more, stay with us till the end to learn more.

Detailed features of WhatsApp Aero

The features of WhatsApp Aero are mind-blowing, for which you have been waiting for years, but now, it seems your wait is over. Consider this addition to the WhatsApp world an advancement for user experiences.

We were also fed up with old-fashioned mods and their clunky interfaces. Conversely, this one has an improved interface and a fabulous look. You will love it because all others need more ability to fulfil user demands for privacy and security with a user-oriented interface.

The performance is super-fast, with entire efficiency than other WhatsApp mods. It is just the most negligible quality or feature someone may quote compared to other of its features.

Whatsapp Aero

The bulk of themes and stickers

WA Aero has a built-in store for themes and sticker packs of your interest. Download the stickers and give your chat a new look with decency. You also have the bulk of themes you can opt for at any time provided on the Aero store.

Anti-ban WhatsApp mod

While using other WhatsApp mods, there was always a fear of being banned, and some of you witnessed it too, or it may have happened to you too. But in this mod, the fear of being banned is addressed by adding an anti-ban system to guarantee that users will never be banned from WhatsApp using this. Let’s change our WA mod today and experience the heights of joy using all its features. Download the newest version of WhatsApp Aero from this website easily.

Whatsapp Aero Apk Latest Version

Hidden Features

  • The user can easily hide the date and time of copying someone’s
  • Unlike others, the WhatsApp Aero Mod doesn’t send the forward tag with your forwarded messages.
  • We can hide the blue tick sign along with the second tick
  • You have options to customize the home screen and notification icon
  • Customize DP and Statuses: This feature allows you to use a custom DP of your interest for any of your favourite WhatsApp contacts.

Whatsapp Aero Mod Apk

Extra Features

  • Option to lock your chat
  • Anti-revoking system
  • Variety of emojis, along with the facility to add Facebook emojis to the Chats.
  • Message scheduling options
  • Like Instagram, the addition of stories to statuses
  • Highly secured and the best privacy options for your interests.
  • Restoration of data in the easiest way
  • Unlike official WhatsApp, this mod allows you to send images and high-definition videos without Limits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All the questions on your mind about its safety, ban, update issue, and much more are answered in depth.

Q: Is it safe?

At the start, it’s stated that the user’s safety is the first and foremost priority. Nothing may lead to malfunctioning and data leakages to third parties. It can also never support third-party mods to ensure ultimate safety. Along with all these, rooting your device to install this app is unnecessary.

Q: Will I be banned from using WhatsApp Aero?

This WhatsApp Aero mod includes an anti-banning feature that protects users’ accounts from banning, unlike other mods disregarding this user’s concern. Privacy, security, and stability matter to this mod, which can be a good reason to migrate from previous ones to this latest one.

Q: Can I use hidden features in WhatsApp Aero?

One of its excellent features, which users may appreciate, is the hidden features developed with the help of Fauad. In reality, that was the intention of the founder while creating it. Hidden features someone may quote are hiding your forward tag and double or blue tick.

Q: Is WhatsApp Aero faster than any other mods?

Its design helps it run faster and smoother with stability and reliability, and it has no comparison yet with other mods. That’s why users are encouraged to switch to this one.

whatsapp Aero v9.65 apk Advanced Feaures

Conclusive Remarks:

The User-friendly interface, exemplary anti-ban system, and introduction of innovative features make it an excellent application named WhatsApp Aero. It’s time to switch to the latest update of WhatsApp Aero Apk 2023 and enjoy its features.