Aero Whatsapp apk download new version 2023

We brought you a with new WhatsApp mod that is way more convenient and with a lot features. Today we would discuss about Aero WhatsApp APK. It is a latest modified version of WhatsApp. It’s features are attracting more useful towards this Aero WhatsApp APK. We will tell you all about this new WhatsApp mod and it’s features in this article. So stock with me till last in order to explore more about this brilliant App.

Now a day everyone needs a app to communicate to their beloved ones. These tool are in the shape of WhatsApp. It became our part of life. Our prime application for communication has became WhatsApp as it supports sharing calls ,voice notes, images and videos and many more. For security purposes ,they have system of end to end encrypted which makes it reliable and private. so user are rapidly increasingly day by day.

Aero WhatsApp APK

This masterpiece was developed by Turkish developer Bozkurt Hazzar who has command in coding which makes this newly built version a new look and creative from any other WhatsApp mods. This app is more focused on its performance and themes features. Else all feature are related with FoudMakdad Version of WhatsApp.

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Version info

  • This app is known as Aero WhatsApp APK or WhatsApp Aero
  • 68 MB is the size of the setup
  • Version name is 8.5
  • The package is duel clone
  • Best Version is it’s anti ban system

Aero WhatsApp

Features of Aero WhatsApp APK

All other WhatsApp mods needs to uninstall the original WhatsApp but this version acts as a secondary app with the original WhatsApp. So you don’t need to worry about Authorities of WhatsApp.

Here all features would be discussed below

Aero themes

As rich are very curious about the taste of the recipe so Turkish developer Bozkurt included more themes to Aero store to make its interface splendid and beautiful. These themes are added to foudMakdad version and YoWhatsApp. Now this enables you to use thousands of themes. The number of themes are increased upto 3000 themes. Now you can enjoy this app with aesthetically correct.

Home screen customization

There is a lot of works done towards home screen customization. Home screen is the key of first impression of any app. It’s home screen is as pleasant to the eyes. Developer Bozkurt developed this app to make it feel charming to eyes. So there are 14 different styles available in the app.

  • WA-Aero (Default)
  • Telegram
  • WACA
  • WANH
  • NL Mods
  • Stock
  • Prime V1 to V6F

Extra features

All the features are discussed below

  • This app lets you turn off the internet when it is needed. This function is known as DND mode
  • It allows you to send 10 plus images in single message. They have increased the limit of sharing the images .
  • It also allows you to send larges videos to your family or work purposes .it lets you send video upto100 MB
  • You have given you a permission to enable or disable proximity
  • Function which this app has its Titanium back up which backs up your data automatically.
  • You can send high quality and full resolution images.
  • You can set a password to the app and there is also function related to a security questions
  • Hiding your media in order to secure your privacy like pictures and videos.
  • Disable forward tag
  • Anti delete system of message and status
  • You can select who can call you
  • Hide blue tick, single blue tick and double tick
  • This app has an auto reply function which lets you to speed up communication
  • Schedule message for productivity
  • Lets you add Instagram style stories to your stories.

Frequently asked questions

Is Aero WhatsApp APK is legal?

This app falls in the grey list of is neither legal nor illegal .there is no any case seen yet by anyone who faced any problems. So you can use it with out being the state of fear of banning.

Moreover it is not available in the play store. So this website is available through this website.

Conclusive Remarks

Aero WhatsApp is the latest modified version of original app which let’s you enjoy it’s customization features. you have also given right to be more private regarding the media status and delivery status. It’s developer Bozkurt put a great effort to make it suitable for it’s users. You may also try this app with your own responsibility as developer can access your data. You must decide best for your convenience.