Whatsapp Aero Apk Download Latest Version 2023

Whatsapp Aero APK is a free app to be used in newly updated version of this Whatsapp MOD for Android with splendid customization Options and many more.

WhatsApp Aero Apk, A better MOD for Whatsapp

Whatapp Aero APK is  one of the best WhatsApp MODs among GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp plus and FM WhatsApp. It is other latest version of the well known instant messaging and chat app. you can download Whatsapp Aero Android for free and see it by yourself and compare it with above mentioned apps. you will feel how many features are enhanced in this Whatsapp Aero.

Overview about Whatsapp Aero

As discussed earlier, this is a WhatsApp MOD .It is a version of the official app based on the original source code that is modified to add new features and enhanced those which are already in the Meta ‘s app. Its latest features and functions are experienced through customization, the privacy controls of users , the user interface and bypassing WhatsApp restriction.

Aero WhatsApp is used for chatting, you can send and receive messages to any one eg one to one or group chats. you can send and receive every type of text ,files ,post statues and provide you a medium of communication with you beloved or anyone who uses WhatsApp.

Whatsapp aero apk Updated Version

WhatsApp Aero Apk Main Features and Functions

WhatsApp Aero tends to provide WhatsApp messenger users with the best quality when using it’s messaging service so  that’s why they have improved such aspects for it’s users .they have specially enhances the privacy, customization and graphical interface:

Customization of the graphical user interface

This new feature enables you to to adjust the interface of your own choice by downloading graphic themes or you may also modify the colors of sections ,size or different type of text fonts of one’s taste .there is also a section of of extensive theme store where you can have a large number of different themes.

Anti ban

There is always been a fear of being ban anytime while using such type of unofficial app.so taking this into mind ,they have brought you a new updated feature which enables you to use it with out any fear. They have a system that protect you against such type of fear and provide you a risk free app .

Connection status

They have updated this feature to make you eligible to hide your connection status from other other contacts.it also prevent them not to see whether you are online or offline. This features also allows you to to see others status as well.

Mass messaging

This feature lets you send message or photos to multiple contacts at same time.

Two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone

As it is having a different package name in the app than WhatsApp Messenger, helps this app with out being detected it as a same app when installing it. This way it is possible to be in your mobile with with different mobile numbers..it can only be possible in the app by WhatsApp business

Increased the size limit for sending files

It will send all larger files that could not be sent through other app supported by Meta app.

Speed and performance improvement

WhatsApp Aero always kept their words to provide you a better speed and performance than other mods of WhatsApp

One -tap messaging

It enables you to send message with just a single click ,with out having to open the application completely .

Sending automatic replies

This app lets you set automatic replies for specific messages to concerned contact numbers.

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Advantages and disadvantages of whatsapp Aero

While using these MODs unlike official Whatsapp, there are certain favourable and unfavourable factors which should be discussed.it is advisable to check all these factors before downloading this Whatapp Aero free



There is no any questions regarding customization as it has strong points over other apps. They have done a lot about customization. Unlike the more conservative and strict style of WhatsApp, this app lets us manually customize different aspect of graphical interface and text such as size and font.it also provides you a huge amount of themes that can be downloaded in your phone easily.


Everyone needs their own privacy, so this app gives you a manually control exposure of your activation the app. For instance ,you can control who can see your connection status or messages have been read .isn’t this beautiful and advantage of this Whatsapp Aero Apk.

Two WhatsApp accounts on one phone.

It’s always been a problem to use two WhatsApp accounts on one phone for all of us. Now they have given us a chance to use two account on a single phone. you can put sequence on the account as one for personal use and other for work..it is one of the best features unlike other mods.


WhatsApp banning

One of its major un-favourable factors includes that official whatsapp scans the system to detect who are using unofficial MODs .firstly they will give a penalty of temporary bans. If one found continuously using unofficial MODs can lead you to permeant ban. Although they have strong anti ban system that prevents you from these hardships. But a new update of Meta may be released to Leave it without effect.


WhatsApp Aero never updates at the same rate like official Meta app. Sometime updates are immediate but sometime these took days to be  released .at these waiting days you may suffer from service expulsion and sometime out your privacy into risk like interception by any other party.


Security is always been a concerned of everyone one. But end to end encryption is lost so your chats are exposed to any one who tries to intercept them.


WhatsApp Aero shows you ads in some section unlike the official Whatsapp.

How you can hide your online status

By availing this feature of WhatsApp Aero you can hide your online status. you can now decide who can see whether your online or offline. you just need to follow these steps which are mention below.

  • In your upper right corner, click the configuration symbol.
  • Navigate to Privacy and Security by choosing FM Mods.
  • Activate the “Freeze last viewed” checkbox.

New updated list of whatsapp Aero 2023

  • Images or videos are pre-viewed with out saving into your phone firstly
  • Again publish in your story
  • Subtitles on the videos can be copies
  • Even if your viewing file is disabled.
  • you can also download it in your gallery
  • Contact interface have been changed
  • Length of message is off limits.
  • Stories like Instagram styles are included
  • Update is implemented on the basis of whatsapp
  • Notification is set if one sees your status you would be notified

Frequently asked questions

Is WhatsApp Aero Apk is safe to use?

As discussed earlier in the un-favourable contents of this Whatsapp Aero Apk Android app, it can not be guaranteed as it is directly modified version messaging app but not affiliated with any of WhatsApp owner or Meta .There is also a risk of your security and privacy as it can be affected by any other malware , spyware or any other malicious Programs because they have not been subjected towards quality process by any larges developers. It lacks stability and gives you sometimes a performance problems.