WhatsApp Aero Download v9.72 atualizado version 2023

WhatsApp Aero Download APK 2023: WhatsApp Messenger or simply WhatsApp is now a days ,the best communication app for both, personal and business purposes. Billion of users have already downloaded it on the Play store. Its basic features that is end to end encryption for calls and messages to secure our chats. Its interface that makes it easy for everyone to use it and make contact with your beloveds and friends.

So this was basic reason that a lot of users look for WhatsApp MOD APK instead of using it well? well ,it has many brilliant features but some are not being included in these app that are password for chats, auto reply, message scheduler, themes status download option, etc. On this website, you will get to know about the best WhatsApp MODs like FM WhatsApp, Gb WhatsApp, JTWhatsApp, AG WhatsApp,WhatsApp Plus, YowhatsApp.

WhatsApp Aero Download APK is the latest version which has list of amazing features that are mention before.

Whatsapp aero download.

WhatsApp Aero Download APK 2023?

Aero WhatsApp is modified version of WhatsApp. This WhatsApp (WhatsApp Aero Download Brazi) includes many features which are not even available in the official WhatsApp. It allows you to hide your online status, second and blue tick ,status seen status, and typing status. It also gives permission to read all deleted messages.

There are many versions available online for WhatsApp. If your are wondering why this APK is better ,then stick with us to explore such features. It has additional such as Anti view once text bomb always online, you will not find all these or convenient from any other mods. So these will be briefly explained about all of the to persue you to make a think about using this mods.

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WhatsApp Aero Download Updated Version

WhatsApp Aero is not an official version so will not be able to download this through play store. we are giving you with it’s latest version. Tap on the WhatsApp Aero Latest version button is displayed below to download it directly with out any issue.

Full list of all feature that someone get in Aero Whatsapp.

  • Download status
  • Bomb a text
  • Voice changer
  • Lock chat
  • Hide chats
  • Airplane Mode
  • Auto Reply
  • Text Any Number without saving the number in your contact
  • Freeze Last seen
  • Disable forward tag statues
  • Hide View status
  • Anti-Delete messages
  • Hide Second Tick
  • Hide Blue tick
  • Hide recording
  • Show Blue Ticks after Reply
  • Control Calls
  • Anti view once
  • 3400+Aero Themes
  • Increase Forwarded Limit to 250 Chats
  • Always Online
  • Disable Image Share Limit
  • Share Photos in Full Resolution
  • Hide Media from Gallery
  • 6 Emoji Variants
  • 60+ Font Styles
  • Change Launcher and Notification Icons
  • Change to Gradient Colors
  • Customize Home Screen
  • Customize Conversation Screen

So we have given you all the names of features that are mentioned above, but we will give a brief about all of these below for you. Do read all of these which are written below.

Bomb A Text

So this feature is all about teasing your friends or love ones, it was a time when we have to write Sane message multiple times to a friend to tease them for fun, but that was very time consuming. we have to write again and again.so this feature made it easy for everyone to drop a multiple messages at once .this feature is known as “Drop the Text Bomb “feature.

In the chats, they provide a + floating button at the top right corner. Tap it and then tap on the setting icon. Pop-up window will be opened in which you can enter bomb text and bomb values. (Bomb values are us the number of time you want to send to your friend and bomb text is is the text you want to send ) whenever you want to use it, tap on the icon look like a shooting mark. It will send that accordingly and no need to type again and again.

Download status

It is always been a problem to beg for status from any one. But now this feature allows us to download any status of our own choice.as official WhatsApp lacks the feature of downloading your friends statue. This helps us to download it without requesting someone to send the status. you just need to click button lies on the corner in the status. Just tap it and status will be downloaded in no time.

Voice changer

It has a voice changer. you can set it to robot, baby ,teenager, deep, under water, fast, slow motion, reverse and funny. Everybody wants to make their chat funny, now you can send your recording of everytype.it may be send in funny ,drank or even in child voice.it has feature of changing voices to make your chat funny..

Lock Chats.

Some chats are always secret and important which can be shared with anyone.so in order to secure them, this MODs provide you a feature of locking your personal chats. you can now set each password for each concerned chat.so it will prevent everyone to reach out to your personal space.

Airplane mode

Airplane mode is also one of the best feature .If you are busy writing any article or playing game on your phone, you just need to activate this feature and can not receive messages or call during your work or gaming time, it basically provides you not to get interrupted by any WA call or notification in middle of your game or work.it will portray as you are offline.

Auto Reply

If you are busy with your business and don’t have time to text back to any one. you can set auto reply .It allows you to send specific message to specific contact. you can set each special message for special contacts. It even works for groups as well. They have done good in this regard as someone is busy with some work and some chats may create disturbance in your work time.so now you can set auto reply to avoid such disturbance.

Anti View once

Whatsapp official allows everyone to send view once images and once it is seen and WA automatically will delete it from the chats. But this whatsapp provides you a new feature which is anti View once feature, which enables you view that image as many times as you want. you just need to disable it in this mod and enjoy viewing these images for many times.

3400+ Aero Themes

Every user loves the interface of everything so taking this in mind ,this mod provides you a over 3400 themes. you will every type of themes in it. Luffy- One piece themes, assassin Creed theme, Ferrari theme, over-watch theme and so many other themes over to 3400 themes. You will love these themes with a lot of changes in colors of interface ,fonts and text style and everything.

6 Emoji Variant

It has 6 types of emoji Variant : Old whatsapp (iOS), whatsapp, Facebook, One, Android and System Emoji. now you can use any of these emoji Variant.

Share Image of any Resolution

Official whatsapp can not support sending images with their original quality. If necessary we had to send it in the form of document which is quite a boring and lengthy process. So this mod eradicate such time consuming and boring process. This whatsapp Aero allows us to send the images with full resolution with it’s own quality. You will need not to compress or whatsapp Aero will not compress the image in any way. So this help you to share your image with any one with out any lengthy process. Use this whatsapp Aero with passion.

Hide chat.

Whatsapp Aero enable us to hide our chat.as discussed earlier to lock our concerned chats ,now these chats can be hidden or even these will not been able to be appear in the notification. you can set these chat a vibration or specific tone. These hidden chat will not be able to appear in the contact lists too. No body can even reach to these chats.

Latest version of whatsapp version of whatsapp Aero Download APK?

The latest version is 9.72F. It us released on July 2023.

Frequently asked questions

Is whatsapp Aero safe to use?

Yes it’s completely safe to use. safety always been a concern for everyone. So this app has no any malware or rooting is required for it’s installation. Slightly chances are there if some one is using some feature which may or may not lead to ban.

Final Remarks

Whatsapp Aero Download 2023 is the more convenient whatsapp mod and has many amazing feature which any mod can offer. It provides multiple packages. you can use all in the same device. Best of it’s features are it’s freezing blue tick tag, anti delete message ,Auto view once and many more. Now why are you waiting. Just install this whatsapp Aero 2023 and enjoy it’s features.

God bless you all and have a bless-full day.